Our three-tiered approach allows schools and districts alike to take advantage of instant access to the most powerful partnership strategy in K-12 education.  When we discuss school transformations, we mean just that.  It is not a slogan, or word play.  Surround your school or district with partners steeped in knowledge of delivering better learning outcomes within your school community.


School and District Transformation Tools that Work!

Building a robust ecosystem of community partners is the hallmark of Classera Inspire. Finding the right partners for your school or district can be a time-consuming effort, but Classera is committed to identifying businesses that are passionate about education.

Business Sponsorships

 If you are a business looking to help your local school or district, feel free to inquire about Classera Inspire.  You never know if you’re participation will be the difference in helping someone achieve their goals for the future. 

Seek long term participation in recognizing student and teacher achievement accolades. 

Offers students and teachers products and services that have to ability to inspire on multiple levels. Anything from restaurants and grocers to gaming retail can be a difference maker.

If your school or district has these three community development pillars now, then you’re a Classera district already!  If you don’t possess these resources in your school on the other hand, contact us now for a consult. 

Become Classera Partner

Global Partners


International Organizations

EdTech Partners

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