Classera Title 1 Initiative

District Community Development

With over 50,000 U.S. schools struggling to provide high quality education to those who are most at-risk of falling through the cracks of our K-12 system, Classera created The Title 1 Initiative. Designed to activate Community partners.  Business leadersEdTech partners and community leaders to assist in inspiring students, parents and teachers towards a shared goal of developing student talent towards college and career success. Classera’s student and teacher Motivation and Inspiration (M&I) Index Tool is deployed district-wide to create a holistic learning environment built around positive feedback, accolades and most importantly, ongoing skill development. 

Classera’s student and teacher Motivation and Inspiration (M&I) Index Tool understands that every student has different motivations that fuel their daily academic activities. 
Classera will help schools forge a clear path to promote community development through academic achievement and recognition. 

Classera Inspire

Custom classroom differentiation and adaptation tools that serve as key instruments of Classera Engagement Index

Guided Student Achievement

Allow Parent, Teachers and School to help students grow towards their own goals with with constant automated feedback.

Rewards, Incentives, and Recognition

Provide Rewards, Incentives, and recognition in an activity-based system designed to drive engagement.

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WHY MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION INDEX? Helping Develop Student Talent at Scale.

Imagine a world where students, teachers, and community leaders log in to see a record of positive public feedback on school assignments, quizzes, and from their teacher or designated role model. Sharing in the successes and challenges together as a community. The more students and teachers engage in positive academic activities within Classera, the higher the school M&I score and resulting community rewards are driven to the Classera Community Cards. A Win Win for the entire community. Students look for approval and positive reinforcement from more than just their teachers and parents, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work is recognized and valued within their community. Being recognized for their contributions and hard work daily within our system allows for a classroom that recognizes the need for a friendly place where
students feel heard and respected. “Good job”, “Great Work” coming from parents, school and community leaders validates their effort. We asked our developers the most di cult questions when we designed our A.I..

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