Corporate Solutions

Developing talent has never been more important. Employee turnover is the most expensive part of doing business in today’s economy. Coaching real world expertise through collaboration, communication and carefully planning accurate career paths with Classera becomes a seamless experience. Training, self-improvement, and public forums are provided by Classera Corporate Solutions.

Get your entire organization moving in one powerful direction. FORWARD!

Electronic Certifications

Provide teams an accurate path to promotion or raise with our certificates. We ensure that every issued certificate is verified by a unique QR code and verification link so that anyone can get an instant feedback of the certificate validity and share through social media with friends.


Leadership Management System

Inspire employees with live feedback channels that provide accurate and instant gratification to growth. Our unique Leadership Management System provides you full control to manage all coaching schedules, attendance, and all critical details you want to know about leadership performance and growth.


Financial System

We customize tools and features to manage the balance sheet for each trainee and process the transactions such as invoices, receipts, discounts, deposit requests, etc. with direct communication with the company’s accounting department.


Trainee Information System

Manage all trainees' information. Handle schedules and course enrollment...etc. Manage all trainees' participation records. Manage trainees' attendance. Notify management of trainee's attendance and participation. Generate multiple reports and charts of trainees’ data.


Survey Module - Feedback

Course correct and inspire your team collaboration. Immediate feedback on what is working to inspire, and what challenges are impeding growth. We ensure management can maximize feedback and evaluation with published surveys to all trainees, coaches, and all users and collect data and opinions to extract any insights needed.


Business Intelligence

Taking the right course of action and making business decisions based on facts in the field is imperative. Our Business Intelligence Module provides accurate analysis and information presentation tools to help managers and other end users make more informed decisions.


Ongoing Training

Create and publish training courses. Specify learning path for each user category. Manage course registration and applications. Define and manage user status in each course.


E-Portfolio & Team Libraries

Everyone can create an e-portfolios that can easily be shared on other social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Share and browse a vast trove of employee and management training resources in any format. And make all users able to share knowledge and receive feedback easily.