Students and Parents

We at classera put the student and parents in the middel of our attention. We made sure to maximize their benefits and to be both fully engaged in Classera.

Seamless Parental Supervision

Many experts agree that parental supervision has a quintessential role on a student’s performance. Classera offers phone notifications and quick access for parents to view their child’s grades, upcoming assignments, and more in real time. It is easier than ever for parents to stay involved in their child’s education and help them stay on track while saving time and money.

Easing Communication Process

Allowing everyone involved in the educational process to communicate effortlessly is a recipe for success; Classera offers advanced methods of communication. With the press of a button an individual student, all the teachers, or the entire school can receive updates and notifications. In addition, the discussion board allows an entire class or even separate classes to correspond and share ideas from anywhere.

Developing Self-learning Techniques

It is well known that decision making is an important skill developed throughout life. Classera can help cultivate this skill through its various educational resources and techniques. This enables your students to find what works best for them; which in turn helps your students prepare for their future college lives.

Enhancing Computer Skills

Today, using a computer is a given. Classera helps your students prepare for this by integrating itself throughout their entire school career (K through 12). It will become so natural to use they will not even realize they are learning.

Students and Parents